So that's an advance peek at 'Our Teacher is a Creature.' Now, have you ever wanted to be known as a Publisher of a new book or an Executive Producer on a new movie? Well, here's your chance. Because with your help, it's going to be a lot easier to make our very ambitious, ground breaking project take off. Too Nuts Productions and Wiggle Planet have combined their creative teams and uncanny inspiration to produce the first book in children's publishing history where the alien characters get up, walk around, leave the pages…and interact with kids. Even jumping into their hands.


To do that, our two companies have pulled in some very creative people to round out our collaboration teams. Among them: Herndon, Virginia based Mascot Books, an industry renowned publisher of beautiful self-published books. Immensely talented Canadian illustrator Marcela Vargas. Award-winning book broker and designer, Lorna Johnson, at Bay Area-based 'Lorna Johnson Print!'; Cambridge Hill Tech's Jeff Maddux of Petaluma, California who is pioneering the intersection of app technology and children's literary entertainment. And a host of talents who see Miss Thorb as the answer to making astrophysics fun for kids.  


If Space is, in fact, the final frontier, we'd better make sure that kids wanna go there. But to do that we need your help.  'Our Teacher is a Creature' will require about $13,500 to come to life but $20,000 to do that really well. (See our Project Budget to follow.) That's why we set up this outside-the-crowd opportunity to bring together financial partners for as little as $12.95 plus s/h who care about what kids read and how they learn about their world and a lot of other worlds.  In exchange for your participation, we are reserving for you an advance copy the first children's book in history where alien characters come to life. And that's just the start of the venture, an empire that won't have to fight back because it's too busy blazing new territory in children's literature.


Most crowdfunding works this way:  You put down your credit or debit card number. You wait 30 days. You hope that the project gets fully funded. If it does, the crowdfunding company taps your card for the money your pledged.  If the project budget isn't raised, the crowdfunding company doesn't tap your card. THAT IS SO OLD SCHOOL.  And perhaps that's why 80% of projects that seek crowdfunding never get funded. Not ours. We're treating your purchase as WORKING CAPITAL meaning: we ain't waitin' around to start the project. We're already 80% finished. We've invested more than 2200 hours of creative labor (so approximately $22,000 to date at $100/hr). We just need your help to take the project to print.


WHEN YOU SECURE YOUR ADVANCE COPY OF 'OUR TEACHER IS A CREATURE' with $12.95 + shipping and handling (Book Rate: $4.50) through PayPal , we'll put your money immediately into our ongoing production budget. It's sort of like you step into our creative factory and walk up to the assembly line, you see that we need to get the book from one end of the assembly line to the other, so you plug in your AC charger and say, 'GO!'


And if you're thinking, 'But what if you guys don't raise all the money?' then you really need to swing by our production offices here in Petaluma, California. We're working on this project 23/7, the extra hour set aside to fight over the cots. And we plan on producing the first 1000 volumes of 'Our Teacher is a Creature' no later than October 2017. Even if we have to round out the budget with a bank loan. Oh, yeah, we're working on that, too.


WHEN YOU COMMIT TO OWNING ONE BOOK FROM THE FIRST 1000 PRINTED we will mail you a complimentary 8x10 headshot of Miss Thorb along with a Letter of Guarantee that establishes you have purchased and will receive a copy of 'Our Teacher is a Creature.' (Limit one copy per Backer.)


Of course, if you'd like to help us reach our budget a lot quicker, in the finest tradition of crowdfunding, we're also offering these really cool Backer Rewards:

watch our video to learn more...




When you pledge $1 or more we're going to include YOUR NAME (or your Alien Name if you have one) on the official 'Our Teacher is a Creature' web page. You'll be famous throughout the universe. At least to all those alien cultures that intercept this signal.



When you pledge at this level not only will we include you as a Patron of the Arts in the 'Revisited While Walking Outside' level on the 'Our Teacher is a Creature' web site, we'll include you in the Acknowledgements of the book and send you a copy of this beautifully illustrated children's book where the alien characters get up and walk around (and sometimes off) the pages!




Pledge at this level to help us produce a beautifully illustrated children's book where the alien characters get up and walk around and off the pages, and it only makes sense that you receive a copy of the book autographed by Miss Thorb!




Pledge your support at this level and not only will you receive everything above, you'll also receive a multi-autographed copy of this beautifully illustrated book (author, illustrator, and Miss Thorb), the first book in history where the alien characters walk around (and sometimes right off) the pages!




Support the cause at this level and you'll receive a multi-autographed copy of the book AND an illustration from the book signed by the illustrator, the author, and Miss Thorb (in her alien calligraphy, naturally).




Support the project at this level? We'll take your headshot (supplied by you) and illustrate you as an alien on the surface of Miss Thorb's home world: MARS.  Then we'll include your alien self in the first children's book in history where the aliens walk around (and sometimes right off) the pages.



So in addition to an autographed copy of the book, a signed poster featuring one of the beautiful illustrations in the first children's book in history where the alien characters leave the page, we'll enroll the future astronaut of your choice in SPACE CAMP.  (You just have to get him/her there. We'll take care of the rest.)