New interactive book set in Topeka

Future astronaut, Mia, age 6, sees the future of children's books when an alien creature Jumps right off the page and into the palm of her hand. Mia was attending the NASA SpaceApps Challenge at SAP headquarters in South San Francisco about four weeks Ago. That's when Too Nuts Productions presented a sneak peek at this first children's Book in history where the alien characters leave the page.

A children’s book set to come out in October is taking story telling to another level.

Ralph Scott is the author of “Our Teacher is a Creature,” which includes a setting based on Topeka. The book details an adventure of a substitute teacher named Miss Maree Thorb, who takes her fourth-grade students at Enderfink Elementary School on the ultimate field trip — into space to see the International Space Station.

What makes the book unique is the technology that is infused within the story. Readers will get a different experience with the power of their phones.

“Alien characters can get up and leave the book if you have a smartphone on the book,” Scott said. “They can go on the desk.”

“Our Teacher is a Creature” partnered with WigglePlanet to make the experience possible. Readers can use their smartphones (currently Android and iPhone) to scan the story to make the creatures come alive."

Scott’s company, Too Nuts Productions, has contacted NASA with the hope of having the books issued in space. Astronaut Nicole Stott recently retweeted a link to help fund the project on Kickstarter.

Too Nuts Productions tested out the technology from WigglePlanet with a 6-year-old girl, who was surprised to see aliens jump right off the page.

Scott said he is trying to raise $13,500 through Kickstarter, but the project will be completed regardless of the whether the goal is reached.

The author said the book will be launched in October 2017.

“This will radically change the way children’s books are written,” Scott said. “Anyone can do bells and whistles and add them to a book. We developed this so that the text can give a heightened experience about Miss Maree Thorb. It’s sophisticated technology and really creative storytelling."

Scott hopes the new form of interaction can have kids use their smartphones to enhance the learning experience of reading a story.

“We expect to have a new genre in children’s story telling with this story,” Scott said.

“It will be one of many stories Miss Thorb will be taking her class on. We’re being very mindful with keeping our company’s motto. Our motto [for Too Nuts Productions] is ‘creatively entertaining while covertly educating.’ ” Scott, who is from Los Angeles, first met Topeka after he fell in love with a woman from the city. Eventually, he spent time in Kansas’ capital, enjoyed it and put elements of it into his story. “[It was like I] was in a Norman Rockwell painting,” Scott said. “[My friend] introduced me to everyone in Topeka. It was a picturesque setting. Everything was flat while the topography was beautiful in the winter time and the people were outgoing. Everyone was just so welcoming.”

One thing that stood out to Scott was how people would have fun even in the coldest weather. During the winter, he was offered a margarita, which — as a California native — he was used to having on a beach in the sun.

“I fell in love with the area and said, ‘Someday I’ll work this into a children’s book,’ ” Scott said. “I’m surprised of how [the story] ended. The story outlasted the relationship. We’re still friends today, and she is a designer.”

The Kickstarter page can be found at

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